I love asian fashion! My cutest picks of August!

So recently I was watching the new CutiePieMarzia video – if you haven’t seen her on youtube or any of her other social media sites yet then she is definitely one to check out! (CutiePieMarzia) I absolutely LOVE her style and her fashion picks, but she also does some really great DIYs. A definite style inspiration!  Through her I have now discovered an amazing website – AsianICandy

 Here are a few of my personal favourites. If you want to check out the items themselves, just click the pictures and they will lead you straight there:

  Black Lace Minidress Harajuku Love Letter Purse Chiffon Pastel Dress Shoes Tights Alice Book Bag

 I just think all of these are so super cute and definitely my style. The dresses are absolutley gorgeous and the bags really struck me as inventive and different. An Alice in Wonderland bag that looks like a book? Perfect.

 There is a sale on at the moment and some of the items above are in it – so I’m definietly going to make the most. All in all, a new find that I am certainally going to return to!

EDIT: I have just ordered some more items and I am SUPER excited to recieve them! Look out for them in a later blog post.

As always, leave a comment below to tell me what you think. If you have any recommendations for me – I’d love to know and I’ll be sure to check it out.


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