My 10 favourite quirky iPhone cases

I am always on the look out for quirky or different iPhone cases and I have now built up quite a collection! Below I have gathered together a few of my personal favourites. If you like any in particular, simply click the picture and it will link you straight to where it’s being sold. Enjoy!

1. The Stitchable iPhone Case


Price: around £15

This seems so incredibly creative to me, and it means that you are free to stitch literally anything. I particularly like the example in the picture and it’s great for those of you who love crafts. It certainally appeals to my imagination and I really enjoy how personal this idea feels. The above comes with a few pre-made design ideas and colours of embroidery floss if you’d like to follow instructions and comes in both black and white. I just love this idea and it makes me want to buy several.

2. The iFoolish


Price: £14.99

This case just screams fun to me: a contemporary take on the classic etch-a-sketch, this case would leave me amused for hours. There’s both an iPhone 4 and 5 version (the iPhone 5 version named iFoolish 2). As the case is only 14mm wide, it wasn’t even as thick as I was expecting which is excellent. This would be perfect to keep me entertained for when the battery is running low – as it works completely seperately.

3. Mauraders Map


Price: £6.59 (iPhone 4/4S)/£7.91(iPhone 5)

I really love the case above – I am a Harry Potter lover and this really appeals to me. It is from the etsy store ArtTrip and this isn’t the only cool case their have on offer. There are several others including a Platform 9 and three quarters ticket, a watercolour paint palatte and other arty and stylish cases.

4. The Lego iPhone Case


Price: £1-2

Lego do their own version of this case, however I prefer this silicone version. It comes in a variety of colours and it is extremely cheap – only a couple of pounds. Each comes with two detachable lego “bricks.” I have it in two different colours because I really liked to have more than just two bricks and I like the look of four. The only downside to this otherwise wonderful case is that it does make the phone feel quite big but I got used to it pretty quickly.

5. Maze iPhone Case


Price: £19.29 ($30)

I saw this and immediately wanted it – I would play this all the time. It is the essense of retro gaming. Currently it appears to only be for the iPhone 5 but this is one to snap up. It is a moderately priced case but the procrastination potential makes it worth it.

6. Bamboo iPhone Case


Price: £50 ($79)

With prices starting around £50, this is an investment purchase although it seems worth it as many of the cheaper alternatives – (with prices around £20) do not last any where near as long and from many reviews I have read can crack or even become moudly over time. The website offers several different designs for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. Each one features such an intricate and interesting design – definitely something to take a look at.

7. Pokeball Case

dfgjPrice: Ranges from £20-30

As a Pokemon lover this really appealed to me. There are quite a few different versions of this around and it may be possible to get it cheaper elsewhere but I happen to really like the one above.

8. Gameboy Case


Price: around £2

This has been a favourite case of mine for a long time now. It is incredibly cheap – only around £2! This case can often be found on my iPhone and I have had several compliments from it. It is slightly geeky but I love it. There are so many different colours available so for me – it’s a must.

9. The Bookbook


Price: £60.88

This is another fairly expensive case – although there are similar alternatives being offered for far lower prices. It is unclear the exact difference in quality between the one above and its cheaper alternatives so it’s completely up to you which you decide to go for. This is an extremely convenient case – it not only stores and protects your iPhone, it also allows storage space for cards or a driving license etc. When closed it looks adorable and the finish certainally appears to be really detailed.

10. Chocolate!


Price: £8.95

This looks great – who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s moderately priced and would be a great addition to an iPhone case collection. It’s making my mouth water…

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think. Do you have any different cases to share? let me know and I’ll check them out.



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