I’m back home! (and some summer essentials)

So I arrived back home from University last Friday after finishing my year long placement. Although it was sad to leave University behind,  looking as if I’d spent no time at all in the empty little room I’d called home for the year, I am glad to be back. I am loving all of the home comforts I’d missed while being at University – home cooked food! Washing that I don’t have to pay for! Oh the perks of being back.

I went to the Kent show on Sunday and although it is put on every year, I can’t even remember how old I was the last time I went (suffice to say it was an extrememly long time ago.) If you don’t know what the Kent show is, it’s basically a collection of shows, shopping stalls (I always love the craft areas), food, animal displays, flower displays and so on.

IMG_7969 IMG_7998IMG_7991  IMG_7986

I found this absolutely adorable backpack in one of the shop stalls and had to buy it:

 DSC_0024 DSC_0022

Its rose tapestry pattern is just so cute and I loved it. I’m finding it really easy to pair with summery dresses (actually pretty much anything). Having only got one other backpack at the moment and finding it super useful just to put everything into (since backpacks hold so much) I really wanted to get myself another one but I hadn’t found anything else as nice as this. This one feels really high quality and is just so easy to throw on. It was £25, so a little bit pricey, but not over the top.

I wore it the next day on a trip into London. I was lucky enough to get a place on the Study China program run by the University of Manchester where students are given the opportunity to live and study in China for three weeks during August. (I have a seperate blog dedicated to this so if you are interested CLICK HERE). The organisers invited everyone lucky enough to be chosen to a pre-departure briefing, where we could all meet and get to know each other before we go. About 40 people went, however the trip is split between three different Chinese Universitys, so only about 10 people were going to my chosen University. After the talk, we all decided to get ourselves some lunch and sat on the South Bank. It was really nice weather over lunchtime luckily so sitting outside was really pleasant. Everyone was lovely but talking to other people about going really made the thought more real, and I can’t believe I only have three weeks to prepare everything!

Being away from home all day in changeable weather (I’m sure most of those who live in the UK can relate) taking a back pack was a lifesaver. I manage to fit everything I needed in there, including jumper, purse, a small make up bag, brush, tickets – basically everything I needed.

As well as meeting everyone on Study China, I got to visit the Natural History Museum where I saw so many exhibitions. I have always thought the Natural History museum is one of my favourite ones to see in London. I got tickets to see the new Mammoth exhibition which was lovely and so interesting. In the evening I watched the theatre production of warhorse – soemthing that I’d never really wanted to see but I’m really glad I got to because it was fantastic. The way the horses and other animals were done and were brought to life was incredible and I sat in awe for a lot of the production. The acting was great too and overall a very cleverly done show.

So the sun is now shining and temperatures are getting up to 30C and for someone with sensitive eyes and skin during summer, sunglasses are a must. These are my two choices for the moment, both of which were great value!


 Primark – £2.


eBay – Steampunk sunglasses,  £1.87


Although they probably aren’t the best for keeping off the sun, they do work to a certain extent and at those sorts of prices it is easy to have several pairs and have some variety. (I would always stick to bringing suncream). I have to say the Primark glasses do go with more outfits however I really like the look of the steampunk style glasses. They feel high quality (whereas the primark ones have had to be tightened slightly as they got looser the more I wore them and after not that long) and I especially like the flip up lens.

That’s it from me for now,




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