New Lipsticks! (with reviews)

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So recently as summer has started, I took the opportunity to add some new lipsticks to my collection. Below I have swatched and reviewed all of my new colours, some of which I already really love and have been using on an almost daily basis. Enjoy!


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1. Clinique – Super Strawberry (07)

Up first is the clinique “chubby stick” in super strawberry. Although I really like the moisturising side to this lipstick, its colour is not all that strong (don’t get me wrong there is definitely some colour) but instead it tends to leave my lips with more of a shine than a heavy red. That being said, I don’t mind that, and I find it very easy to apply. I quite like the minimalistic look however it would probably also be possible to find something similar for cheaper as it’s £17. I quite like to crayon-like look to this product also. (7/10)

2. Rimmel London – Heart Breaker (016)

This lipstick is definitely the most bold of my collection. It is a deep bright pink and goes well with a fully done make up look. I don’t really use it for day-to-day wear as I find the colour a little too intense, but ideal for going out in the evening or a more done up, classy look. I find the colour very striking against my skin tone and my freckles, but as with all of the Rimmel London lipsticks I adore how moisturising and long lasting they are. For £4.99, I find it a far more resonable option than the clinique chubby stick above. (6/10)

3. Rimmel London – Asia (077)

This is, by far, my favourite lipstick of this collection. It is a similar shade to my lips naturally however it still adds a nice amount of colour and makes my lips look fuller. Again it is super moisturising and I find it very easy to wear day to day. It has already taken a spot in my handbag and for £4.99 I’m sure I will be purchasing an extra just in case it happens to go wandering! (8/10)

4. Rimmel London – Nude Pink (206)

As with the colour Asia, I quite like this lipstick as it’s great for daily use. The colour is not too intense and blends well with my natural lip tone. I don’t quite like this one as much however and although I use it every so often it wouldn’t be my go to lipstick. I have found that sometimes instead of my usual lip balm I have been putting this lipstick on before bed (it may sound strange putting lipstick on before bed I know!) but honestly it really does seem to repair my lips and make them look better. (7/10)

5. Revlon – Smoked Peach (013)

If I am really honest, this has to be the worst of the bunch. I really do not like the colour of this one and I’m not sure whether it is because of my light skin tone or the way it looks with my freckles, but something about it just doesn’t look good on me (at all!). I thought at first the colour would be fairly similar to the Rimmel London Nude Pink, but I don’t find it nearly as hydrating and it doesnt coat my lips very well. (3/10)

6. Revlon – Sky Line Pink (025)

I find this just too light on my lips on its own, so I tend to use it with a slightly darker lipstick and attempt to create a more ombre look and I think then I can get away with the lighter colour. I don’t believe that nude lips look great on me and I need a bit of colour otherwise I look incredibly washed out and zombified. Again, it’s just not as moisturising as the other makes of lipstick and wouldnt be one I would choose to wear every time. (5/10)

So those were my reviews of 6 different lipstick colours. Which colour is your favourite? Have you tried any of these colours and do you agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know.

That’s all from me,




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