July favourites!

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Hello everyone!

How fast is this year going now? July seemed to be over and done with in a flash, but here are some of my monthy favourites.


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These are the four makeup items I’ve been loving this month.

Number 1 – L’oreal Glam Bronze Bronzer in 102 brunette harmony – ~£10

This is both a highlighter and a bronzer compact and it comes with it’s own mini application brush hidden within the packaging. I really think this bronzer is great and it really suits my fair skin tone. You can mix the two colours together and get a slightly lighter more natural look, but since the highlighter has some added shimmer I tend to prefer to stick to just the bronzer for day time. Therefore I would probably recommend getting just the bronzer on its own as it is fantastic. I have used it several times however it doesn’t even show so I reckon it will last me a very long time for the price. It costs about £10 so it was really not that expensive of a bronzer compact compared to some high end products especially since it comes with its own brush and works really well.

(7/10 for the compact as a whole, 9/10 for the bronzer)

Number 2 – L’oreal le blush in 120, sandalwood pink – ~£7.50

Another L’oreal product here and I also really like it. The light pink goes well with my skin tone and I like how it is subtle, but still looks really good on. This compact also came with its own brush however I don’t tend to use it and opt for a blusher brush instead. The brush included is pretty flat making it difficult to put the prodcuct properly onto the skin, but the blusher itself is really nice, especially for lighter skin tones.


Number 3 – Primark foudation brush – £1.50

This is one of my absolute favourites because at only £1.50 I really didn’t expect much at all. Especially when competitors in other store such as Boots were selling the same thing for ten times the price. Now I don’t really know much about this area at all so there may be things points I’m overlooking completely. But I needed a new foundation brush and I gave it a go. This brush was so super soft when I opened the packaging I instantly fell in love. This foundation/stippling brush spreads foundation really well and so far I have had no bristles falling out or out of place. I have cleaned it several times too and it still looks good as new.


Number 4 – Rimmel London Lipstic in 77/Asia – £4.99

This is a really nice colour, it just makes the lips slightly darker than my normal skin tone and I like the way that it just finishes off a look. It is very summer appropriate as I find it light and fresh. I also find that I am now reaching for it instead of my lip balms as it’s very moisturising and wears for a long time. I reviewed this lipstick along with a few others in a couple of posts back, if you are interested.



True Blood has started back on TV for its last ever season and I’ve been watching ever since the first season. Although it may have…lost its way slightly (in my opinion!) last season, I think this one is going really well. This will be spoiler free but I have a few sneaking suspicions as to what will happen in the end but having not read any of the books I will just have to wait and see. I feel like you can almost tell that it is the shows last season however because they seem to be unafraid to make a few unexpected killings. I am actually really looking forward to seeing more next month.

I have also started to re-watch Desperate Housewives. This used to be one of my absolute favourite series’ and recently I saw a couple of episodes on TV and I decided I just had to re-watch some more. I have started again at season 1 and I completely remember why this was one of my favourite shows. I find that even though the characters have their flaws, they are all so relate-able in different ways. (I have so much love for lynette, although not many people seem to agree, she is my definite favourite and she has been from the beginning).  I am currently half way through season 2 and I just can’t stop watching.


I’ve been trying to be a bit more healthy this month (as always it seems!), and I have loaded my cupboards with copious amounts of green tea, honey and fruits. Although I didn’t particularly like green tea when I started drinking it (and I did wonder to myself what on earth am I going to do with 100 green tea bags and can I fob them off to someone else) but it has grown on me.

I’m also attempting to swap white sugar for honey as apparently honey is sweeter so less is needed. I am being constantly nagged about how I like sugar in my tea and have been trying to cut down for so long now but it just doesn’t seem to be working…I love sugary tea. I really like the taste of honey (although I never used to when I was younger) and I find its lovely to put in smoothies, tea and on toast.

That’s it from me for this month’s favourites!

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One thought on “July favourites!

  1. I kind of gave up on True Blood early last season, but I want to pick up where I left off because I can’t bear to leave it unfinished, so it’s reassuring to hear it gets better! Desperate Housewives is such a classic, I just love that show. I grew up so inspired by the make up and hair of Gabrielle!

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