Customize your Mugs! | Sharpie DIYs


Hey everyone!

Today I have a very quick and easy DIY for you all but it’s great for customising so many things. But I’ve found that because it is so simple and effective, I’ve been trying it out on several different mediums.

All you need:

DSC_0030 copy

Sharpie Pens (I find that black stays on slightly better than coloured pens but they still work)

Something to draw on! Ceramics work well and I’ve featured them in this post but don’t be afraid to get creative! Sharpies write on pretty much anything so feel free to use fabrics, iphone cases…pretty much anything you want to put your stamp on!

For this post I am mostly going to be using ceramics. All you have to do is draw on your design and when you’re done, put the item in the oven (make sure that it’s oven-safe!) for 25-30 minutes at around 120 degrees Celsius (that’s about 250 degrees Fahrenheit). After 25-30 minutes take the ceramic out of the oven – being careful it’s going to be really hot – and leave the piece to cool down. After that, you’re done! Just be sure to always hand wash your ceramic and to be gentle with it. If you scrub too hard the sharpie is going to come off.

  I really love making my own mugs because as a stereotypically British girl I love tea and you can never have enough mugs to drink it out of. Here are a couple of the mugs that I’ve made:

DSC_0019 copy

The mug on the left has it’s time for tea written on the front, and on the right is amy’s mug.

I’ve also made a plate/bowl combo here:

DSC_0042 copy DSC_0038 copy

I really like this gold leaf design as it is so simple to do and didn’t take all that long. The plate and bowl were both only £2.50 each and I believe the sharpies were about £3-4.

As well as something nice for yourself, these can be great as a personalised gift to a loved one (and possibly one to remember when mother’s/father’s day rolls around). I tend to leave designs around the edge or on the outside if possible as I am not 100% sure how safe it is to eat food from so just in case, please remember to leave the designs somewhere you will not be eating or drinking from. 

I hope you liked these and send me a picture if you make one too! I’d really love to see.

That’s all from me,

sign off 3

DSC_0036 copy


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