My Skincare Routine

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Well here it is. My barefaced photo!

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In this post I will tell you all about my skincare routine, including which products I use on a daily basis. I will be splitting this post into my morning and night time routines. I wouldn’t say that I have perfect skin, and I am prone to breakouts and periods of dryness every so often but these are just the things that I personally use and do and I hope you enjoy.

(And just in case anyone at all wanted to know, those two portraits on my wall are of Castiel and Sam Winchester from supernatural. Who else loves that show?!)

Without further ado…

My Morning Routine

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1 – clinique, dramatically different moisturising lotion, 2 – clearasil ultra, rapid action daily face scrub

 The first thing I do in the morning is simply wash with soap and water (I use the Dove Sensitive skin Beauty Bar) which just leaves a wonderfully fresh and clean feeling to my skin. Second of all, and I don’t do this every morning only when my skin is particularly bad, I use clearasil ultra rapid action daily face scrub.  It says that you are meant to use it every 12 hours but I don’t really want to be so harsh on my skin. It’s an exfolient and promises to show better results in 12 hours for acne prone skin. I’m not entirely convinced that it clears up every spot, but it does make my skin feel softer. However after taking away so many of the oils in my skin it is important to put some of that moister back and to do that I use a couple of squirts of Clinique’s dramatically different moisturising lotion every single day. It’s very light but still moisturising and I use it instead of a primer for my make up. After I apply Clinique’s moisturising lotion and doing my make up I am then set for the day!

My Night-time Routine

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1 – L’oreal skin perfection make up remover wipes, 2 – Johnson’s face care refreshing cleansing lotion, 3 – clearasil ultra rapid action daily face scrub, 4 – clinique extended thirst relief moisturiser.

First of all I use L’oreal make up remover pads to remove all the makeup left at the end of the day. Normally I use clearasil again most nights however if I’m feeling really lazy or tired  I also use Johnsons cleanser.  I apply it with a cotton wool swab and it leaves my skin feeling really clean. It can be really painful if you get it near your eyes though so I always make sure I keep it away from that sensitive area. To replace the moisture I used to use a different product but I have recently been testing out clinique’s extended thirst relief moisturiser and it is wonderful! I shall definitely be buying more. You need only the smallest amount but it leaves your face feeling so healthy and hydrated. It has quickly become one of my definite favourites.

As well as having these routines, I like to make sure that every once in a while I have a completely makeup free day. I find that after applying makeup day after day it can clog my pores and cause small breakouts on my skin, especially during summer time, when you only want to be wearing a lighter coverage anyway.

What are some of your daily skincare routines? What products and methods would you recommend?

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