Bobbi Brown foundation review


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Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would share with you my favourite foundation and concealer set at the moment. I use the Bobbi Brown skin foundation with SPF 15 and as a concealer I use the Bobbi Brown foundation stick. I recently ran out and so have repurchased the same one because I do really like it. I find it really difficult to colour match myself, especially in a store due to the different lighting, so I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to get myself a colour match. I went to several different counters so I am pretty confident they matched me correctly. I use both foundations in the colour 02 Sand.

I have a lot of freckles on my face, and I find that with freckles you have one of two options – a really very natural, light coat of foundation or going full out to try and cover them up. If you go half way, I find, on my skin, that it’s very easy to tell that I am wearing makeup/foundation and just gives a less natural look. I use the skin foundation (the product on the right in the above picture) for my face. I only need a couple of squirts and it gives my skin a really nice light, dewy finish. I don’t find it very heavy over my freckles and you can still clearly see them through the makeup but I am sure that it can be built up by further layers. I use the stick foundation as my concealer because this has a far thicker coverage. If you wanted to cover freckles I’d use the stick foundation over trying to build the liquid one. The stick foundation is really easy to apply (honestly they both are) and feels very creamy and finishes nicely on my skin.

 They were a little bit expensive and a bit of an investment, but I have hardly used much of the stick foundation and I’ve had it for absolutely ages now. The liquid foundation was £31, the stick £29.

Do you ever have trouble colour matching yourself? How do you do it?

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