Soap & Glory: Product Review

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Every time I pop into my local Boots store I notice the Soap and Glory products with their unique and eye catching packaging and design, but have never tried it out until the other day. I picked up two make up items that I had been needing wanting: a highlighter and some new mascara. Here are the two things I got in their delightful packaging:

DSC_0006 copy copy

Personally I think they look gorgeous! So, to the review:

DSC_0009 copy DSC_0022 copy

First up is the luminizing glow all out highlighting power. I really like the name and especially the way this powder is formed with the soap and glory name written into the powder. It does give the skin a nice glowy look and feel with some shimmer. I fell like it could be lighter to work better for my very air skin however even so I really like it and enjoy putting it on in the morning. The mirror in the packaging is great to pop into a purse or bag to carry it around with you to touch up during the day too. The top is magnetised also (which isn’t clear from the pictures) so that the top doesn’t just flap open!


DSC_0025 copy DSC_0032 copy

Previously I had been using Rimmel’s waterproof 10x volume flash mascara which was fantastic, but perhaps due to it being waterproof made it very difficult to remove at night no matter what I used on it and caused a lot of my eye lashes to fall out. Obviously this wasn’t ideal so I looked for a replacement…which happened to be the Soap & Glory thick and fast mascara. As you can hopefully tell from the picture above, it has a fairly large wand. Usually I prefer a smaller wand in order to get in close to the bottom of my lashes (which the Rimmel mascara did have) although this one is still fairly good. I find it sometimes more difficult to coat my lashes all over, however I really like how they look after I’ve applied it and will definitely keep using it.


Soap & Glory have lived up to the reputation I had built up in my head and I will definitely be purchasing more of their products in the future. I find them a really interesting brand also and would love to learn more.

What are your favourite make up brands at the moment? Are there any brands you find particularly interesting?




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