H&M Makeup Brushes: Review

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So make up brushes can be fairly expensive right?

I have been on the look out recently for some more budget friendly make up brushes and decided to try out the new H&M make up brush range. I picked up a selection of their brush collection including a Kabuki Brush, Shimmer powder brush, double ended smokey eye brush and make up sponge.

DSC_0034 copy

To start with, all of the brushes come in this lovely combination of light cream and rose gold which I really liked, with a small golden “by H&M ” signature on the brushes barrels. They come in simple packaging too. I have owned and have been using the brushes for about two weeks now so I feel pretty confident reviewing these.

DSC_0060 copy

Shimmer Powder Brush – £4.99

I have been using this brush in combination with the Soap & Glory Glow All Out highlighting powder which works really well, although could obviously be used for blushes or whatever you’d like really. It is extremely soft and I really like it although I don’t think it is the best of the range that I bought.


DSC_0065 copy DSC_0052 copy

Smokey Eyes Brush – £2.99

I feel like this has a ridiculously low price compared to some similar products and works really well. I really like this double ended brush. The thicker end is really nice for blending and general application, the other end is a thin, angled brush and works perfectly for tight lining and under eye application of shadow. I bought a similar looking brush in Primark for £1 but the quality was not even comparable. The Primark brush has very stiff bristles, and just spreads shadow no where near as well as this H&M one. A very good brush for a very low price.


DSC_0055 copy

Kabuki Brush – £6.99

So this brush is slightly “pricier” than the rest of the range, but would still set you back far less than many other brands would. As soon as I got it out of the box I fell in love slightly with its extremely soft bristles. It honestly feels so so nice and I really love it. It makes putting powder on every morning so quick due to its large size.


DSC_0061 copy

Make up Sponge – £1.99

So this one isn’t a brush like the rest of the range, but a little sponge. It is probably a dupe of the beauty blender, but not owning one I can’t really compare. It isn’t all that soft, but doesn’t feel rough when you use it. It gives you a really flawless complexion that I love and makes putting on make up very easy and quick. The only downside that I have with this product is cleaning it. I have tried various methods and various different types of cleaner but still I find it very difficult to get out all of the make up in the sponge. I clean it every few days so I don’t let my make up build up so substantially that that could be the problem. It also smells a little funny when it’s being cleaned oddly enough, but thankfully this goes away when dry again. I feel it’s not as pink as it was and has faded slightly since I’ve been using and cleaning it. But nevertheless, it is still a really good makeup sponge, it may just be best to have a couple to avoid the same difficulties that I have with cleaning it!


I really, really like the H&M collection of make up brushes as an affordable, budget friendly option. I use each brush (and sponge) daily and each have made their way into my morning routine. I fully recommend these products, and would like to check out some of the other make-up items they have in store.




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