Accessories Haul| It’s nearly Christmas!

Well hello there everyone!

It is the 1st December today, which means that I am starting to get pretty excited about Christmas! The tree has gone up in my house and I’ve opened the first door on my advent calendar. I can’t wait!

I have bought a few bits and pieces recently which I thought I’d share with you so here is my accessories haul. Everything shown below I bought from Primark except the notebook which I got from Waterstones. I really liked so many of the home wear things in Primark recently I had to stop myself from buying much more!

DSC_0034DSC_0036First up is this beanie which I love, and is especially appropriate for the cold weather. The weather seems to have turned from lovely to freezing within a few days here and winter has definitely arrived. Not that I mind! I really enjoy layering and wearing thick comfy clothes during winter (my fav being cosy fluffy socks). This white beanie has stripes of shiny silver running along it and is really cosy and nice to wear especially to keep my ears warmer on those cold nights. I got it for just £3 – a steal!

DSC_0024 DSC_0025Ah, here are some of those aforementioned fluffy socks that I was talking about. Amazingly comfy, soft, warm and with a little Robin on too. This is actually a pack of two pairs, the other set are grey and have smaller robins all over. They are “slipper socks” which I’ve never had before (I don’t think) which I think makes them thicker than normal socks and they are lovely to wear. I got these for £2.50.

DSC_0019 copyNext is a beauty blender dupe sponge for £1.50. I bought it to replace the one I got from H&M, which I do really like, but is an absolute pain to clean. On first impressions of comparing the two, the one from Primark is slightly harder and less soft when applying make up. I honestly think the H&M one is better for applying make up also so I may have to but another one from there instead.

DSC_0017 copyI absolutely love this little penguin coin purse. They had a few different ones, all with different animals on but I like this little fella the best. I have started to use coin purses much more now as taking my normal purse around everywhere gets a bit heavy when I want to just leave the house quickly and have only what I need with me. I think this is just adorable and I can’t wait to use it. (£2)

DSC_0028 DSC_0033I thought this necklace was really gorgeous and for £4 I had to get it. It’s delicate gold leaves and woven material pattern really appealed to me and I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of use out of it as it will go with a lot of outfits and situations. I need more statement necklace pieces and although this isn’t the most outlandish necklace you may have ever seen, it’s a start for me!

DSC_0013 copyOkay so last think I bought from Primark were these silver rings. I bought them in a set of 6 for £2. I won’t be wearing them all together but separately they are all very delicate and look great for such a price. The only thing with these rings is the sizing, as I got a small (I’m usually a medium I believe I don’t buy rings that often) and they are still a bit loose on some of my fingers which means I’m having to just check that they are still there every so often and haven’t fallen off. Still I really like them and have been wearing them every day since I purchased them.

DSC_0039The last of my purchases is this moleskine notebook. I have had several of them before and a sketchbook and there’s just something about the quality and feel of these that I adore. I bought this to replace my last one. (£13.99)

Okay so those were all the things that I bought. I hope you enjoyed taking a look!




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