Bobbi Brown foundation review


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Hello Everyone!

Today I thought I would share with you my favourite foundation and concealer set at the moment. I use the Bobbi Brown skin foundation with SPF 15 and as a concealer I use the Bobbi Brown foundation stick. I recently ran out and so have repurchased the same one because I do really like it. I find it really difficult to colour match myself, especially in a store due to the different lighting, so I went to the Bobbi Brown counter to get myself a colour match. I went to several different counters so I am pretty confident they matched me correctly. I use both foundations in the colour 02 Sand.

I have a lot of freckles on my face, and I find that with freckles you have one of two options – a really very natural, light coat of foundation or going full out to try and cover them up. If you go half way, I find, on my skin, that it’s very easy to tell that I am wearing makeup/foundation and just gives a less natural look. I use the skin foundation (the product on the right in the above picture) for my face. I only need a couple of squirts and it gives my skin a really nice light, dewy finish. I don’t find it very heavy over my freckles and you can still clearly see them through the makeup but I am sure that it can be built up by further layers. I use the stick foundation as my concealer because this has a far thicker coverage. If you wanted to cover freckles I’d use the stick foundation over trying to build the liquid one. The stick foundation is really easy to apply (honestly they both are) and feels very creamy and finishes nicely on my skin.

 They were a little bit expensive and a bit of an investment, but I have hardly used much of the stick foundation and I’ve had it for absolutely ages now. The liquid foundation was £31, the stick £29.

Do you ever have trouble colour matching yourself? How do you do it?

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How I Write My Blog Posts | My Ideas Notebook



I hope everyone is well.

I thought I would share how I put together all of my ideas, but I was hoping you would share how you keep organised too.

Personally, I keep a large notebook full of all of my ideas and write under each page what will be needed and what pictures I’ll have to take for the post. It is a really nice way of keeping everything together and in one place. At the beginning I have a list (a table of contents if you will) and I simply check off each post as it has been written. Although I have this book, I always tend to end up writing some ideas on sticky notes or the odd scrap of paper that sometimes go missing. I hate forgetting an idea.

I believe this notebook came from The Works if anyone wants to know.

DSC_0025 edit DSC_0028 copy

How to you keep track? Do you use a method?

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My Skincare Routine

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Well here it is. My barefaced photo!

barefaced 2

In this post I will tell you all about my skincare routine, including which products I use on a daily basis. I will be splitting this post into my morning and night time routines. I wouldn’t say that I have perfect skin, and I am prone to breakouts and periods of dryness every so often but these are just the things that I personally use and do and I hope you enjoy.

(And just in case anyone at all wanted to know, those two portraits on my wall are of Castiel and Sam Winchester from supernatural. Who else loves that show?!)

Without further ado…

My Morning Routine

DSC_0050 copy

1 – clinique, dramatically different moisturising lotion, 2 – clearasil ultra, rapid action daily face scrub

 The first thing I do in the morning is simply wash with soap and water (I use the Dove Sensitive skin Beauty Bar) which just leaves a wonderfully fresh and clean feeling to my skin. Second of all, and I don’t do this every morning only when my skin is particularly bad, I use clearasil ultra rapid action daily face scrub.  It says that you are meant to use it every 12 hours but I don’t really want to be so harsh on my skin. It’s an exfolient and promises to show better results in 12 hours for acne prone skin. I’m not entirely convinced that it clears up every spot, but it does make my skin feel softer. However after taking away so many of the oils in my skin it is important to put some of that moister back and to do that I use a couple of squirts of Clinique’s dramatically different moisturising lotion every single day. It’s very light but still moisturising and I use it instead of a primer for my make up. After I apply Clinique’s moisturising lotion and doing my make up I am then set for the day!

My Night-time Routine

DSC_0060 copylh

1 – L’oreal skin perfection make up remover wipes, 2 – Johnson’s face care refreshing cleansing lotion, 3 – clearasil ultra rapid action daily face scrub, 4 – clinique extended thirst relief moisturiser.

First of all I use L’oreal make up remover pads to remove all the makeup left at the end of the day. Normally I use clearasil again most nights however if I’m feeling really lazy or tired  I also use Johnsons cleanser.  I apply it with a cotton wool swab and it leaves my skin feeling really clean. It can be really painful if you get it near your eyes though so I always make sure I keep it away from that sensitive area. To replace the moisture I used to use a different product but I have recently been testing out clinique’s extended thirst relief moisturiser and it is wonderful! I shall definitely be buying more. You need only the smallest amount but it leaves your face feeling so healthy and hydrated. It has quickly become one of my definite favourites.

As well as having these routines, I like to make sure that every once in a while I have a completely makeup free day. I find that after applying makeup day after day it can clog my pores and cause small breakouts on my skin, especially during summer time, when you only want to be wearing a lighter coverage anyway.

What are some of your daily skincare routines? What products and methods would you recommend?

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Customize your Mugs! | Sharpie DIYs


Hey everyone!

Today I have a very quick and easy DIY for you all but it’s great for customising so many things. But I’ve found that because it is so simple and effective, I’ve been trying it out on several different mediums.

All you need:

DSC_0030 copy

Sharpie Pens (I find that black stays on slightly better than coloured pens but they still work)

Something to draw on! Ceramics work well and I’ve featured them in this post but don’t be afraid to get creative! Sharpies write on pretty much anything so feel free to use fabrics, iphone cases…pretty much anything you want to put your stamp on!

For this post I am mostly going to be using ceramics. All you have to do is draw on your design and when you’re done, put the item in the oven (make sure that it’s oven-safe!) for 25-30 minutes at around 120 degrees Celsius (that’s about 250 degrees Fahrenheit). After 25-30 minutes take the ceramic out of the oven – being careful it’s going to be really hot – and leave the piece to cool down. After that, you’re done! Just be sure to always hand wash your ceramic and to be gentle with it. If you scrub too hard the sharpie is going to come off.

  I really love making my own mugs because as a stereotypically British girl I love tea and you can never have enough mugs to drink it out of. Here are a couple of the mugs that I’ve made:

DSC_0019 copy

The mug on the left has it’s time for tea written on the front, and on the right is amy’s mug.

I’ve also made a plate/bowl combo here:

DSC_0042 copy DSC_0038 copy

I really like this gold leaf design as it is so simple to do and didn’t take all that long. The plate and bowl were both only £2.50 each and I believe the sharpies were about £3-4.

As well as something nice for yourself, these can be great as a personalised gift to a loved one (and possibly one to remember when mother’s/father’s day rolls around). I tend to leave designs around the edge or on the outside if possible as I am not 100% sure how safe it is to eat food from so just in case, please remember to leave the designs somewhere you will not be eating or drinking from. 

I hope you liked these and send me a picture if you make one too! I’d really love to see.

That’s all from me,

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Holiday Prep: 5 Things to Consider

Going away can of course be exciting, but it can also seem stressful getting everything ready and in one place. I am going to a different country on my own for the first time and I have found that there was so much more to do that I’d ever expected! Thus this post is aimed at people heading away for the first time, but even if that doesn’t apply to you I still hope it helps. Here are my 5 tips that I’ve learnt from the experience to try and help you out:

1. Get Prepared

Make sure that you get everything sorted out early.  There were a lot of things I hadn’t even considered before planning my trip such as organising travel insurance and visas. These are the sorts of things it is important to think about early because sometimes the visa process can take a few weeks. Especially when done by post, it is important to leave yourself extra time for delays. Create a plan of what needs to be done for your trip – what to you need to bring with you? What arrangements need to be made? Do you need to have any vaccinations for the trip? This is another big question as some vaccinations require several months before they are effective. Just make sure that you are on top of everything so that you aren’t panicking at the last moment about that one thing you’ve forgotten.

2. Do Some Research

Now this seems pretty obvious that you’re (probably) not just going to fly to somewhere completely blind, but have you considered other things such as the differences in culture, food and even the type of money they use? It is nice to think about where you would actually like to visit when you get there, so that you have a clear plan of action and can organise your time away more effectively. But as well as the sights, be aware of some of the downsides too. If you’re going somewhere very touristy, be careful of scams. Be careful that you don’t head into a well known “dodgy” area and just make sure to keep yourself safe. If you just do a bit of deeper research into where you’re headed before you go, hopefully you can learn just a bit more about where you’re going.

3. Don’t Stress Yourself Out

This is important to remember both before you go while you are preparing for your visit as well as when you get there. Sometimes after doing all of your research and planning each day to the minute you need to remember that some things go wrong and there is nothing you can do about it. Maybe that one venue will be closed on that particular day, maybe it takes you longer to get from one place to the other than you thought. It doesn’t matter what it is, do panic too much about it. Remember to give yourself more time than you expect between activities. Even if one small thing goes wrong, does that really mean your whole trip is ruined? It hopefully shouldn’t.

4. Pack Efficiently

It can be tempting to pack everything in your closet thinking, oh I might wear that, but what is the point of dragging things across the world when you’re not even going to use them? I’m not saying to pack only one t shirt for a week long trip, but you don’t want to have to bring so many things that you are weighed down for the whole holiday. Of course you’re probably not going to have access to a washing machine while you’re away, and it is important to pack some spare things but just think about having to transport all of that luggage. Also, you do want to avoid excess baggage charges for overweight bags because this can be extremely pricey! You may also want some space in your suitcase to bring things back.

5. Enjoy Your Holiday!

Of course, this one is the most important. You’ve done all the preparation, got everything in order, it is finally time to relax and enjoy your time away.

So those were my tips, what are some of yours?

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I’m (temporarily) Moving!!

I go to china copy

As you read this I will be en route to Jinan, China! As part of the Study China summer programme by the University of Manchester, I will be staying and studying at Shandong University China for three weeks. I will be blogging about this experience on my Study China blog, Amelia’s China Adventure. If you’d like to read this and keep up to date with what I’m up to, CLICK HERE. On it, I will be posting a little piece of what it is like out there, the culture shocks and my experiences. I will not be posting about the experience here so if you want to know all about it follow my other blog.


But wait!

I will still be uploading some pre-made posts on this blog so look out for those posts in the coming weeks.

I hope you are all really enjoying the fantastic sunshine and see you at either my Study China blog or in a couple of weeks.

That’s all from me!

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Get To Know Me TAG


If you’d like to get to know me a little bit better then right here I share a few things about me and my life.

What is your favourite song at the moment?

Magic – Rude. It’s so catchy!

What is your favourite drink?

The classic, English breakfast tea (PG tips to be precise!)

 What is your favourite food?

This very much depends on where I am or what mood I am in, such as when I go to the theatre, I simple adore those little pots of (overpriced) ice cream. If I had to pick one thing, I really love, I would possibly go chocolate fondant. I love chocolate.

What was favourite subject at school?

I always enjoyed the challenge of Maths but Art was always so much fun. Either of those.

What is the last thing you bought?

A white lace top from New Look.

Favourite book of all time?

I’m going to cheat and say a series of books – Game of Thrones! I also love love love the TV show but there is just so much more detail in the book. It’s also really amusing being one of those book readers watching the show and seeing the faces of those who aren’t. Mwahaha!

Favourite Colour?

Red, although I don’t really wear it much.

Do you have any pets?

I’ve only ever had fish, but I’d really love to own a dog in the future. I used to be allergic though so I’m not sure if it will be possible. (I also used to be allergic to cats and horses).

Favourite Perfume?

Paco Rabanne, lady million. I’ve used it for years, absolutely love it. I have so many empty bottles. I think I may even have another unopened one for when my current one runs out! It’s really just become my signature scent. It turns out that I find it difficult to describe perfumes but the website describes it as “determined, brilliant and playful”. I’m not sure that’s very helpful for explaining the smell either though! I used to use Miss Dior Cherie and I really loved that one too, but I know some other people find that one slightly too sweet smelling.

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?

Yes I have, mainly to America as that is usually where I tend to go on holidays. I’ve also been to some other places too in Europe such as France, Switzerland and Italy and I went to Japan once too. Japan was amazing and I actually got to go after winning an Art competition. I want to go back so badly! I’m going to China in a couple of days, although I don’t know what that is going to be like other than extremely hot! (It’s meant to be about 37 degrees on a daily basis, with lows about of about 27. The UK hardly even hits 27, even in summer… ah!)

Do you speak any other language?

A tiny bit of French, Japanese and Spanish.

How many siblings do you have?

I only have one older brother. He’s a few years older than me but we get on really well.

What is your favourite shop?

I love those small independent shops that you see (mainly) in older towns filled with odd bits and bobs. I also love book shops because nothing beats that new book smell.

Favourite restaurant?

I have a few. I really like Côte, Zizzi’s and there is an amazing pizza place near where I live and the pizzas are literally the size of dust bin lids. They’re huge.

When was the last time you cried?

I really can’t remember…

Favourite Movie?

Again as I’ve had trouble deciding, I’ll give you a few.  Up, Wall-e, Inception. I’ve seen hardly any of the “classics” that you always find in the top ten lists and I constantly get “how have you not seen that film”. Sorry I just don’t watch that many!

Favourite TV show?

Ah! It’s so difficult to choose. Again it’s probably Game of Thrones at the moment. I am currently watching desperate housewives again and that has always been one of my top shows, as has supernatural. I much prefer the earlier seasons to now, but it still has that special place in my heart.

PC or Mac?

Ooh since I’ve only ever used and owned a PC I’d have to say that

How tall are you?

5ft 6

Can you cook?

I’m going to say sort of. I’m not an amazing baker but I like to think I’m fairly adventurous with my cooking. I rarely read recipes and mostly just wing it when making things. Some people seem to find what I eat a little strange, (like fruit as part of a salad) but I like it!

How old will you be turning on your next birthday?


That’s all of the questions, I hope you enjoyed!

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What are some of your answers?

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